How to Take Care of Your Wooden Watch?

Nov 21, 2014-China-The unique qualities of your new wooden watch are guaranteed to delight you long after you have made the purchase, and it will prove a constant focus of interest for anyone who glimpses it stylishly displayed upon your wrist. Handmade watches, crafted from the finest examples of the world��s most exotic woods, are an eco-friendly way to tell time and make a definitive fashion statement at the same time. Invariably, you will be asked about the unique timepiece��s care, and you will be able to report that caring for wooden watches is relatively easy owing to the natural wood fibers that constitute handmade watches. – wooden watches
The Natural Properties of Wood
Like all wood products, the appearance of wood watch is only enhanced with the passage of time. Indeed, the wooden material used in handmade watches matures and becomes more striking the longer you wear it. That is because the natural oils that are released from your skin interact with the wood from the watch, and the wood transforms in appearance from the contact. Additionally, for extra measure, you can treat the surface of your watch with mineral oil or natural lemon however, neither of these efforts is necessary to preserve the look of your collection of wooden watches.
The Harmful Effects of Ultraviolet Light
Characteristic of wood products in general, direct exposure to sunlight has the tendency to cause hairline cracks in the surface of the product, and wooden watches are no different. Rather than a defect in the material of the watch, it is a natural reaction of that material to the effects of extended exposure to ultraviolet rays. Additionally, avoid close exposure to the heat from fire places, humidifiers, or electric space heaters. Any of these environmental conditions is damaging to wood whether it be your recently purchased wooden watch, or grandmother��s priceless Queen Anne��s chair.
The Durability of Wood
As anyone who has ever slammed their bicycle into a tree as a kid can tell you, wood is a pretty tough substance. That same durability that you found in the mighty oak, which jumped out in front of your bike as a kid, is still evident in the wooded watch that you are sporting as an adult. As such, href=””>wewood watches are designed to hold up to the bumps and knocks that can occur over the course of a normal day. Additionally, although water resistant, you will not want to expose your wooden timepiece to pools, showers, baths, or saunas.


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